Thursday, 20 March 2014

What do you know about Water Matter?

WALT understand the different water matters. I know I have learnt this when I can tell and explain liquid, solid and gas in my own words.

Monday, 10 March 2014

What will you do for Lent?

WALT understand the meaning of Lent.  I made a calender of what I'm going to do during lent. Things I will give up and things that I will do.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Why are plants so important?

Why are plants so important?

A plant is something that sprouts out of the ground, it starts as a seed and it turns into a tree or a flower. You can find a plant every where, in your garden, outside and in fields.  Do you know how important a plant  is? It makes good fresh clean air for us to breath.       

A gardener waters and helps the plant grow from a bud into a beautiful flower or tree. They care for them and they look after them. Some gardeners sell them to the public.

The air we breath is bad to breath after we already used it because it becomes carbon dioxide. When it becomes carbon dioxide you can’t breath it again because if you do it will poison your lungs and more of your body parts. This will happen if you breath smoke and gas from factories.    

After we breath the air it turns bad. Plants like that kind of air. They breath in the old, bad, nasty air in. And they breath out it becomes fresh air. That is the air we are breathing right now. Then the process starts all over again and again.   

We need to treat our world with more respect so that the plants can grow and so that they can make air for us to breath.