Thursday, 24 September 2015

Why is Reading Important?

Reading. People love it and people don’t. But the most important thing is that we all need it!
   First of all we do it every day and it’s everywhere. We wake up, read the newspaper or cereal and go to work or school there we read papers, books, charts and worksheets. People read road signs to drive safely and to know which way to go. There is always something to read if it's on the wall, in a book, on a building or by the road.
   Second reading gives us important skills. Reading helps you increase your vocabulary. Sitting down reading a  book takes long periods of focus and concentration. Being engaged to your book requires you to close out the outside world. Reading also helps people improve their imagination because reading a writing that is describing a place or event creates an image in your head instead of having the image in front of you. It increases your writing skills because in your memory you have an example of a writing.
   Third, without reading there would be no schools. Reading is a ginormous part of education, reading is in every subject. Especially in high school going over what you have written making sure you didn’t miss anything. Even though in maths there a mostly numbers and symbols you still have to read. Especially in writing it might take you more than 5 times to read it to make it almost perfect.
   Fourth, where would we be without reading? No one would know how to drive because they wouldn’t know what the road signs meant. Everything people would ever write will make no sense because they can’t go over it. There would be no buildings or they might have a fault. Blueprints might be just drawings with numbers, but they are actually how construction builders know what to do, without it buildings would be crumbling and tilting.
   I 100% believe that reading is important. Do you want to be someone then start reading? Do you think successful people go to where they are without education and reading is a very big part of that! Think about it.

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  1. Powerful persuasive writing, with detail emphasizing how important being able to read and understand what we read plays a huge role in our lives.
    Well done.