Thursday, 24 March 2016

Bean Propagation

WALHT: Carry out and record a scientific investigation.

To grow a bean from a seed.

You will need:
Push pin, yogurt container, soil, seed of a bean, tea bag, water.

Step 1: Poke holes into the bottom of the yogurt container and pour water to test if the drainage works.

Step 2: Wet the tea bag slightly, place into container, cover and fill with appropriate amount of soil or ¾.

Step 3: Make an indentation in the soil, place bean in and cover with dirt.

Step 4: Add some water and leave in a dry and sunny place. Water daily.


I think that it will grow some roots in a week or two.

Friday, 18 March 2016

The Dragon

The Dragon
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there was a kingdom called Aotearoa but there was a dragon. Aotearoa was ruled by a fair and noble king called King George the 3rd. George was born royal by King George the 2nd and Queen Bella. George's wife Eve had a baby boy named Mark but, unfortunately, she died a couple of days after Mark's birth. Because of her death, George gave his son to his brother Henry, he had his own kingdom far, far from Aotearoa, to raise him as a knight.
    The dragon, it was the size of a castle and had a fire hot as lava. The nasty and very hungry dragon lived in a cave not far. Anyone that dared to take one step in his cave was instantly eaten in one bite. He stayed there only because long an ago he once terrorized the people but King George stopped him if the villagers would give part of their stock to feed him. But because of the lack of rain, there was hardly any crop. So they stopped feeding him.
    One random day something dreadful happened. "Rrroooaaaarrrr" the dragon flew out of his cave into the clouds landing on the castle, destroying more than half of it. Once on his feet, he stomped on the remaining towers. From the rubble, King George appeared yelling "You will not take my kingdom monster!" And in one bite King George was gone. Darkness covered the land and dark clouds covered the sky. Despair, grief, and fear was in the air. While the dragon picked out George's crown from his teeth.
    News of the King’s death spread. Very soon the news of George's death spread to other kingdoms like his brother's. To avenge his brother's death he sent his best knight, Mark (George's son that Henry raises). "Mark, go to my brother's kingdom Aotearoa and slay the dragon and bring me back his head!" Henry ordered.
Mark responded, "Yes your majesty." Mark rode off on his horse followed by a cloud of dust. For days and nights, he rode closer and closer to his destination not knowing it was actually his father's kingdom.
    Slowly entering the once amazing and vast green lands of Aotearoa, but now a dark and abandoned field. Houses turned to ash, markets into charcoal and fields filled with crop now an empty field of dirt.  "Now where is that overgrown lizard." Boom, the burnt market stands still standing fell to the ground. The ground shook anything, not crushed fell to the ground. Rrroooaaarrr, fire shot straight at Mark. "I guess he doesn't like visitors" Mark yelled hiding behind a market stand.
    Mark ran from behind one stand to another making his way to the dragon. Just a couple meters from the dragon, with his sword in his hands, he ran towards the beast pointing at the dragon's neck. The dragon's tall scaly neck. Seconds later Mark's sword ripped through the dragon's neck. Splat the head fell to the ground with liters of slimy and gooey blood dripping from the cut.
    Mark wrapped the dragon's decapitated head and took with him back to Henry's kingdom. A feast was thrown in honor of Mark with the beast's head hanging over the banquet table. Over the following years, Henry and Mark returned Aotearoa to it's vast and lush green lands. The darkness and clouds disappeared and Henry ruled both  and his own kingdom.
WALT use the structure and language features in a narrative.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Seed Propergation

WALHT: Carry out and record a scientific investigation.


Root Hairs

To demonstrate that roots have root hairs.

You will need:
Magnifying glass, blotting paper, large plastic soft-drink bottle, peas, cress seeds.

Step 1: Cut the top from a used plastic bottle and rinse thoroughly. Place some blotting paper or paper towel around the inside of the bottle, near the bottom.

Step 2: Wedge some cress seeds between the blotting paper and side of the bottle.

Step 3: Add enough water water to fill the bottle to the bottom of the blotting paper. Leave in a warm, light place and watch carefully over a few days for the seeds to germinate.

Step 4: After the seeds have germinated (after 5-7 days), extract one of the plants and place it in a drop or two of water.

Step 5: Examine the root with a magnifying glass.

I think that in 2-3 weeks the cress seeds will grow roots and turn green.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Kathleen Hall

In reading this article I have been learning to combine close  reading and inference skills to analyse text to learn more about the qualities of people known as heroes or leaders.

Kathleen Hall was a New Zealand missionary nurse. Her missionary work started in Peking (which is now Beijing) and other large Chinese cities. Yet she knew the people without hospitals in the countryside were the ones that needed the most help. She gained permission to settle into the Hebi mountains near those kind of villages. Kathleen Hall was known as the “barefoot doctor”, because of the way she would walk to the nearby villages to visit and care for the sick.
Kathleen used her neutral citizenship to acquire medical equipment for the Chinese army. At that time it was the most dangerous mission of all. Before being sent back to New Zealand after being caught by the Japanese army, she boarded another ship and joined the Chinese Red Cross.
Miss. Hall believed in helping those in need.  Kathleen believed that even in war people should have the privilege to use medicine. She thought that people lacking medical help are the ones that need most attention. She detested war and the thought of taking sides. This wasn’t  just because she was a missionary.
She was a courageous and brave person. Kathleen showed this in the way she use neutral citizenship to help the Chinese. She was a compassionate person in the way she help and cared for the people in China. She showed perseverance  in the way she kept trying to help the people in need. Kathleen showed this in the way she was a missionary nurse, barefoot doctor, and provided the Chinese army with medical supplies.
Kathleen Hall was someone that put the needs of others in front of her own. She helped people as much as she could. Kathleen didn’t think about what’s in it for them but what more can she do for them. She put their own personal safety in risk to help others.
Kathleen Hall was more than a New Zealand missionary nurse, she was a hero. That’s why there's a marble statue of her in Song Family Village in China.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Cress Seeds

Kahikatea Cress Seed Experiment: Prove plant roots have hairs.
WALHT: Carry out and record a scientific investigation.
Ingrid Andaya
Propagation of Seeds


We are conducting propagation seed experiments discovery what’s the plants are best to grow in the school garden.


To prove that plant roots have hairs that help them to absorb the moisture from the soil.


  1. Clear container
  2. Water
  3. Paper Towel
  4. Seeds (Cress Seeds)



Enviromet / Whether


Day 1
Classroom by window (Sunny)
Day 3
Classroom by window
Slight improvements (roots sprouted)
Day 6
Classroom by window (Cloudy)
Great improvement (longer roots)
Day 9
Classroom by window (Sunny)
Day 15
Classroom by window (Rainy and Cloudy)
Mass improvement (some seeds turned green and more roots)


Unknown because we did the experiment wrong. The seeds are meant to be on the side and absorb the water absorbed by the paper towel. Not stay at the bottom and absorb the water there.



Friday, 11 March 2016

Building Patterns

WALHT : find and continue a  pattern  - recording results in a table and transfer these results to  a graph display

Factory Number
number of gray squares (x2)
number of red squares  (+6)
number of all squares

This graph shows how the red tiles increase by 6 and how the grey tiles increase by 2 with each building.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Edmund Hillary

In reading this article I have been learning to combine close  reading and inference skills to analyse text to learn more about the qualities of people known as heroes or leaders.

Sir Edmund Hillary

Image result for edmund hillaryEdmund Hillary was a New Zealand hero for being the first person to ever climb to the top of Mt Everest. Over the next fifty years, he continued to be an inspiration, by being the founder of the Himalayan Trust after going to a tribe in the Himalayas and hearing “our children have eyes but can’t see. What we need is a school.” Within thirty years the Himalayan trust had built schools, hospitals, clinics, an airfield and several bridges. Sir Edmund Hillary as you’ve noticed is on our 5 dollar note this is because of his bravery and commitment in being the first person to ever climb Mt Everest.
    He was an advocate for the people including the children of Nepal. This was shown when he raised money and funds to build them a school. He founded the Himalayan Trust which became a charity foundation to provide for them. The act of setting himself the goal to climb Mt. Everest is an be inspiration for others.
    He believed in helping those in tough times. He believed that the children in Nepal should get a proper education. This was shown in the way he used his fame to get financial support for them. In setting up the Himalayan Trust, he was also looking forward to ensure that it would help the people and their future.

    He was a high achiever and had courage for others that didn’t. He was a compassionate and charitable person who supported the people of Nepal to help them in make a better future of their children.

Over the next fifty years he founded the Himalayan Trust. Within thirty years the Himalayan trust had built schools, hospitals, clinics, an airfield and several bridges.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Save Our Snowman

As part of our reading, we work independently exploring news items that have a national or international setting.

1. Find a quote from the main person in this news article?
There are no quotes.

2. In your own words describe what happened in this news article.
A family in New York are requesting donations of snow to keep their 14 foot snowman last until spring. Last year they founded ‘snow donors’ on Facebook.. Which kept their snowman standing until April 20th.

3. Find out where this event took place and include some information about this place.
The article gives the location of the family lives as in New York. It says winter starts in December and ends March.

4. Tell us when this event happened and explain what might happen in the future.
The article was published February 19, 2016 and that winter is from December to March. That their ‘snow donors’ Facebook page is how they're going to get snow.

5. Explain in your own words why this event took place.
I think they just really like snowman.

6. Use the Dictionary in the bottom right hand corner to find the meaning of 3 words from the article.

Donations - Something that is given to a charity, especially a sum of money.
Snowman - A representation of a human figure created with compressed snow..

Snow Donors -People that donate snow.